NASA Scrolling Wallpaper 1.3.1

Source:Practical Apps, LLC

Live Wallpaper downloads and the scrolls through stunning NASA Images of the Day

Live Wallpaper which displays the Image Of The Day posted by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) at

Each day a different glorious image is automatically downloaded and added to the scrolling rotation of the last six images. NASA images of the day include stunning imagery of NASA missions and celestial bodies.

A convenient shortcut to NASA's Image of the Day webpage is provided on the initial application and preferences screens. A preference setting is also provided to control the image scroll speed.

To install this animated wallpaper, launch the application icon or long-click on your phone's desktop, then select Wallpapers, then select Live wallpapers.

Image credit on the Picture of the Day webpage. Image updates are subject to the availability of the Wikimedia Commons' Image of the Day RSS feed and associated images.

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